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ah ceramics

give it 10 seconds


recent work included in TAMING NATURE, an exhibition curated by Paul Donnelly


new work

b.b. baskets currently on exhibition in Affably Amusing, a three person exhibition featuring Brett Kearns, Mikey Walsh, and me.  Visit Red Star Studios before the new year and check it out! I posted them on my website too. 



still from the japanese film tampopo.  it's beautiful.  so are these carrots made by ksu ceramic I students.

they replicated still life objects using different hand building methods.


ouch, my ears!

what a blog ride! it's been a big month is the blog-o-sphere,  thank you for all the kind words!


new work

added images to my website of selected work from my residency at C.R.E.T.A Rome!


burlap and awesome!

dolly parton and keith haring!  my heroes!


i made stuff

cat flower at Practice Gallery for The Cat Exhibition
Amy Santoferraro Sculpture at MudFire Gallery
bear fruit at MudFire for Clay Pride
secret island cups at Lux Center for the Arts for Wrappable


new gig, new digs, kansas state university!

hello! welcome to my new studio/office/awesome!
Molly Finnerty visited and painted an ikea chair. sweetness!
business in the front ...
...party in the rear (door to the right leads to Dylan Beck's studio)
i done good potter on the wheel!


ren fair yo

max dressed up so i wouldn't have to compete with this guy
whoa!  one of the 47 magical centaurs i counted.
turkey leg!  when in fantasy elizabethan england.


ah, ceramics!

ah, ceramics! you pop up in the strangest places!  ceramics and ashtrays really do belong together!


I was Trying to Describe You to Someone by Richard Brautigan

I was trying to describe you to someone a few days ago. You don’t look like any girl I’ve ever seen before.
I couldn’t say “Well she looks just like Jane Fonda, except that she’s got red hair, and her mouth is different and of course, she’s not a movie star…”
I couldn’t say that because you don’t look like Jane Fonda at all.
I finally ended up describing you as a movie I saw when I was a child in Tacoma Washington. I guess I saw it in 1941 or 42, somewhere in there. I think I was seven, or eight, or six.
It was a movie about rural electrification, a perfect 1930’s New Deal morality kind of movie to show kids. The movie was about farmers living in the country without electricity. They had to use lanterns to see by at night, for sewing and reading, and they didn’t have any appliances like toasters or washing machines, and they couldn’t listen to the radio. They built a dam with big electric generators and they put poles across the countryside and strung wire over fields and pastures.
There was an incredible heroic dimension that came from the simple putting up of poles for the wires to travel along. They looked ancient and modern at the same time.
Then the movie showed electricity like a young Greek god, coming to the farmer to take away forever the dark ways of his life. Suddenly, religiously, with the throwing of a switch, the farmer had electric lights to see by when he milked his cows in the early black winter mornings. The farmer’s family got to listen to the radio and have a toaster and lots of bright lights to sew dresses and read the newspaper by.
It was really a fantastic movie and excited me like listening to the Star Spangled Banner, or seeing photographs of President Roosevelt, or hearing him on the radio “… the President of the United States… “
I wanted electricity to go everywhere in the world. I wanted all the farmers in the world to be able to listen to President Roosevelt on the radio….
And that’s how you look to me.

Rural Electrification Administration posters by Lester Beall 


more hometown pride

dizbe.com is live!  justin crowe, fellow akronite and alfredian, has just launched a new online art marketplace.  watch out esty, there's a new kid in town! good luck dizbe!


hometown proud

black keys
klein reid
jim jarmusch
cleveland may rock, but akron rules!


red rover, red rover

 beautiful, relevant, awesome! curiosity rules!


i wanna know where the gold at?

Earth Cloud is done!  Wayne Higby and his all-star-dream-team have worked on this permanent porcelain tile installation/project for quite some time.  I love seeing all the specialized tools, labeling, and friends involved in such a huge project.  Beautiful! 


more bricks in the wall

nyscc@ alfred university ceramic art m.f.a class of 2012. hooray!


dave douglas, sofa king

ikea parts + lovely afternoon + dave's mad skills = love at first sit
brightest orange ever!
 dave drew in a friend, so i'd never be sitting alone.
i love loveseat, thanks dave!