cocorosie and tez

nate and i went to see cocorosie last night at the trocadero. it was a beautiful show, diane cluck opened and there were some very talented musicians that joined cocorosie on stage. i love going to shows to see the division of labor, especially artists that have a lot of electronic elements in their work. the most amazing thing about the show was the beat boxer who preformed with cocorosie. his name is tez, he is from france, and i like him very much. he is by far the bestest beat boxer in the whole world!

after the show, nate and i ate dinner across the street. on our way out we noticed that tez was standing outside. nate and i quickly ran up to his apartment and got the mouth sounds book, we knew it belonged in his hands. i gave it to him and he was so excited to receive it. i'd like to think that maybe he will incorporate some of the new techniques into his routine, at the very least he will learn how to whistle, pop, click, and honk his way to social success.

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