tiny circus! ok go!

pretty much the most amazing thing i've seen in a long time! although i did see two wiener dogs with cones a week ago.

sunday, at the delaware center for contemporary arts, a very tiny circus hosted a day of fun! we worked with the community to make a mousetrap/rube goldberg animation similar to the video but in 2-d stop motion. who likes/needs physics anyway?


Russell Maycumber said...

ever tried to put a cone on a boy cat after he's been made androgynous. Is there a website for tiny circus?

creativedawn said...

I absolutely love this group!!! Both my dds went to the OK GO concert this past Monday and really I wanted to go as well!!!!What a great group of talented and zanny musicians!!!
Great video!!!
hugz, Pam

Maria Santoferraro said...

That video is awesome! What group is this Amy??

Love the puppies - especially the one with the gun!

I've been wearing my tiny circus shirt a lot - with pride! :)