nceca phila

"shiny one! i like the shiny one! yay ceramics! we will point and stare!"

I am pleased to be participating in the following NCECA Philadelphia Exhibitions:

Of This Century The Clay Studio, 2nd at Race
The Souvenir Shop Art Star, 2nd at Spring Garden
The Travel Show Dalet Gallery, 2nd at Race
Main-lining Ceramics Main Line Art Center, Haverford, PA
Get Mugged Rocket Cat, Frankford, North of Girard
Watershed Showcase Convention Center, 12th at Arch
Mish Mash Strikes Back The Noyes Museum, Oceanville, NJ

come check them out! remember to point at the ceramic object you like best, but whatever you do don't get distracted by the pedestals.


Ashley K said...

Jason is very excited about his trip to Philly. He leaves tomorrow (tuesday) morning. Please do your best to keep him out of trouble. Philly is just too far for his pregnant wife to come bail him out. I hope you all have a wonderful time. I am sure the week will fly by!

Much love,

Russell Maycumber said...

the pedistal is the art is the pedistal is the art