grad school

i am appling to grad school. i needed to announce it to the world (or at least the 12 people who read this blog) so that there is no turining back. i am just sending out a handful of applications this round. all advice is welcome.

while i'm making big blanket resolutions:i am also going to get in shape girl. it is the last of my 3 things to do before i turn 30. my best friend forever, hope, got me a gym membership for birthmas present. we had class with billy blanks already and i'm sore as a dickens.


Russell Maycumber said...

I would say go with what you know. I think grad school is like a job usually your hired by people that know you. I dont know why I'm giving advice, I applied to two random schools didn't get in. Had a friend apply to 10 random programs got one interview, did not get in. I think its like making connections...?

Arthur Halvorsen said...

Where are you applying? I'm doing the grad school application next fall, and I have a list of 10 and want to knock that list down to 6

Maria said...

good luck with the application process Amy!

carina said...

totally digging your blog!

i remember 'get in shape, girl' like it was yesterday! i had that pink ribbon on a stick and maybe the 8oz ankle weights. oh. the. horror.