happy mummers day!

mummers are amazing!  this guy was taking time out to sober up with a sandwich and a beer.  i'm pretty sure he then went around the corner and peed in a planter.  i love mummer's day!
saw this guy last year at the mummer's day parade and he changed my life,  never thought i'd see him again!  what he does is real complicated, he gets a whole bunch of regular balloons, then blows them up with his mouth, then hands them to children, thus making them hold on to the part that just came out of his mouth.  the children don't really know what to do with such an ordinary balloon and are unwillingly goaded by parents to say thank you for the dramatic presentation of a regular old balloon.  this year i got to see this guy again and also witness a child refuse a balloon by saying, "i think i might be allergic to balloons". awesome!

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